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Are you in need of a reliable English to Spanish Translator? Do you need to translate a document in less than 24 hours?  Or do you have a big translation project and are looking for an accurate, fast and reliable English to Spanish Translation?

You might ask what sets my translations apart from the rest. 

For one thing I am very passionate in everything that I do.  I love my work, and that shows.  I like to work very close with my clients to make sure they get the type of translation they are looking for.  I ask for clarification in case there is something I do not understand.  I also ask what type of Spanish my client wants.  Even though Spanish is spoken in a big part of the world, each region has its own words and meanings.  I like to localize my translations as much as possible.  I can translate into Latin American Spanish, since I grew up in Guatemala and use this language every day; I am knowledgeable of its culture as well.  For the past 12 years I have been living in Spain, during this time I have come to learn and love Spanish culture, and is also the way I speak. 

I grew up in a multicultural environment where both Spanish and English were spoken all the time. I am bilingual in both. I have been speaking, reading, and writing them for as long as I can remember. I have spent most of my life translating .  This comes natural. 

Another thing that sets me apart from other translators is that I am always available for my clients.  I can be contacted by phone, email, Skype and Messenger.  

How do I work?

I like to work very close with my clients to make sure they get the type of translation they are looking for. I also consult them in the choice of words used, and I ask for clarification in case it is needed. I translate using MS Word, I currently use MS Word 2007. I do all the translation by hand since I do not use any kind of translation software to speed up the process. After the translation is done, I proofread the entire document as many times as necessary to ensure there are no spelling errors nor grammatical mistakes. Also that the style of the translated document is appropriate for the text's target audience. I can translate on average 3000 words per day.

Fields of Expertise

  • Internet, e-commerce 
  • General
  • Marketing
  • Health Care
  • Business
  • Self-Help, Metaphysics
  • Non-profit

Some translations I have done:

http://www.mom-please-help.com/ (English version)

http://www.tratamientoanorexiabulimia.com/ (Spanish version) I also translated the ebook.

http://www.remedycentres.co.uk/ (English version)

http://www.barcelonaquiropractica.com/doctor/chiropractor/2L/sant-cugat/homepage.htm (Spanish version)

http://www.gananciasconadwords.com (Spanish version)

http://www.adwordsprofits2.com (English version)

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