English Spanish Translations

ABOUT ME Lizette Britz

My mother is Guatemalan and my father was German-American, my older brother is American.  And  Me?  I am Spanish Guatemalan.  I was born and raised in Guatemala. With my German grandparents I spoke German, with my dad English, with the rest of the family Spanish.  I studied for 14 years in the Austrian Guatemalan Institute (Österreichische Schule) in Guatemala.  After I graduated from High School, I moved to California to go to the University.  I lived in Fresno, California, and attended California State University, Fresno.  While at college I worked translating English into Spanish and Spanish into English.  At the time I did not know that what had started as a part-time job would become my profession and my hobby.  I moved to Spain in 1996 after obtaining a BS in Agricultural Business and a MBA.  All the jobs I have had in Spain had one thing in common: they all needed a person that could speak English.  So, for the past 10 years I have been translating English into Spanish, and Spanish  into English as part of my every day job.

For me, the most natural thing to do is to think, read, speak, feel, and dream in both English and Spanish.  A year ago I decided to become a freelance translator, because this is my passion.  I work full time as a translator, which means that I do not do this as a side job.  My clients know they can rely on me.